Skin Saver : All Covered by Anna Cay (Review)

I am presently an avid user of tinted moisturizer and/or tinted sunscreens. For the past months, I have tried Nivea UV Face BB and Belo Tinted Sunscreen. I find them perfect for everyday wear due to the no fuzz application process. Fingertips lang sapat na! When Anna Cay announced the release of this tinted sunscreen, I have no plans of purchasing it. I just got enticed when I watched her live video featuring this product. During the said live video, she talked about the 4 actives in this product - vitamin c, centella asiatica, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid. I have bought skincare particularly toners and serums separately featuring these ingredients. Considering the fact that these four ingredients are bottled up in just one product, I could not help myself but give it a try.

I did not have any expectation when I received this product because all I wanted was an everyday base with spf. This has an SPF 50 PA ++. This product has titanium dioxide which is a known ingredient for physical sunscreen. 

The packaging is very simple and the label is in a sticker form plastered around the plastic container. The packaging is also very basic and light. At first, I was worried about its weight but later on, I realized that this tinted sunscreen is perfect for travelling. I also noticed that this is exclusively distributed by the company, Venus and Mars Naturals Eco Beauty Corporation. I presume this is the same V&M Naturals. I remember back in the day, I used to buy pure emu oil from them. I wonder if V&M is also the manufacturer of this sunscreen.

Going back to the review, this has a pump dispenser. I also noticed that the amount of product that the pump dispenses can be controlled. This tinted sunscreen has three shades - light, medium, and dark. I got mine in Medium.

The texture of this product is a thick moussey cream. It blends really well on my skin and takes a while to dry and settle. It gives off a nice demi matte finish. Despite the demi matte finish, it does not highlight my dry patches and psoriasis flare ups. The color medium is a light beige shade with yellow undertones. It is a shade lighter than my NC 30 skin but it blends well with my skintone after setting it with powder foundation. The product has a light pleasant scent that does not trigger my rhinitis.
What I love about this product is the coverage! For a tinted sunscreen, it has a light to medium coverage and does a great job of evening my skin tone and it can also cover my redness and under eye circles. 
For comparison, I swatched my everyday makeup bases. The Skin Saver's coverage is comparable to the It Cosmetics CC Cream but the skin saver is thicker in consistency and has  a bit more coverage.

How the skin saver looks like on my skin. Naparami ang lagay ko sa photo na yan kaya imagine that the coverage can be build. If you apply a thin layer hindi ganyan ang effect. As can be seen on this photo, medium is lighter than my skintone but look how well it evened out my skin and covered some of my psoriasis and redness. Sadly, this has a white cast on flash photography.

In terms of application, I prefer applying it with my fingertips instead of a damp sponge. I tried using my damp skinfood wedge puff in applying and i was not able to blend it. The product did not adhere to my face, instead, it adhered to the puff.
Skin saver with powder foundation

If you are looking for an affordable tinted sunscreen then the 688 pesos price tag may seem pricey. Overall, I love this product. It did not irritate my skin and is perfect for everyday wear. I even thought of bringing this to my future trip as it is very lightweight. I also love mixing this with my It cosmetics CC cream to achieve my desired shade.

Will I repurchase? Yes!! 

'Til my next post! Godbless



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