Squad Cosmetics Happy Pot Review and Swatches

If by chance you have stumbled upon my blog - www.mylucidintervals.com, you would probably know that I love drugstore gems, cheap thrills, and lokal beauty finds. I have always been curious about the brand Squad Cosmetics. Squad Cosmetics offer a lot of affordable makeup products. I have always wanted to try their eyeshadow palettes and face palettes but I got really curious with their newest product - Happy Pot.
 Each pot weighs 3 grams. The label shows its manufacturing date, expiry date, and ingredients. Notable ingredients are Dimethicone, Mineral Oil, and Kaolin Silica. This only costs 99 pesos which is really cheap! This multi-purpose pot comes in 8 shades. Despite having 8 shades, I find the color selection lacking variety. Most shades look almost the same having warm orange or brown tones. I hope they incorporated neutrals, plums, and even reds! The shades I got are the following:

♥️Cheerleader - my fave shade! This is a pretty warm coral peach
♥️College - terracotta shade
♥️Muse - muted medium rose eith slights hints of brown tones. This shade reminds me of 3ce Cabbage Rose but Cabbage Rose is warmer and deeper in color with hints of coral. This is another fave.
♥️Topnotch - is darker than College and when applied on the skin they look almost the same. I really thought this is a dark neutral brown shade.
College and Topnotch - no difference right?

Right off the bat, I would like to clear that this is not a dupe for the 3ce Take A Layer Multi Pot. The Multi Pot is drier in texture and extremely packed with pigments. The Happy Pots, on the other hand, are very creamy and pigmented too. It reminds of me of a creme satin lipstick on a pot! Once you dip your finger on the pot, you can instantly feel it melting and your finger sinks right on to the product. These pots are highly pigmented and leaves a slight tint once applied. It claims to be for multi use but I struggle using it on my lids. Take note that I have super dry skin and this creases badly on my lids after a few hours of application. On the cheeks, I love how it makes my dull skin look glowing. Due to the mineral oil, this gives a slight dewy finish. This feels like creme lipstick on the lips which may feel a bit heavy when worn underneath a mask.

I love using this pot on my cheeks. It gives my skin that instant glow!!!!!! I do notice that it works well undearneath a powder but the color intensity lessens when top off with powder foundation. So, I love using this on top of powder instead. To create an even application, apply it with a tapping motion. This lasts 4-5 hrs on my cheek with slight fading esp. when you wear a mask. This has a sweet vanilla scent.

Overall, this is a nice cheek cream. I highly recommend the shades Cheerleader and Muse. I want to try more products from Squad Cosmetics, what are your recos?





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  1. Squad offres a lot of affordable items and I have yet to try some, I do prefer cream blushes over powder ones. Thank you for sharing

    Steph https://steph-g.blogspot.com/


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