Issy & Co. Active Skin Tint Review

I know that the latest buzz right now is the Hydragloss from Issy and Co. because this is their newest product. 💦 Since I am not a fan of gloss this pandemic,  I will be skipping this new release. For this post, I will finally review The  Activating Skin Tint after almost 2 months of use. For reference, I have dry sensitive skin. For the shade I chose Beech which is perfect for my light to medium skin tone and I have warm neutral yellow undertones. I think I finally got my color skin color/tone after a decade. Beech is  slightly lighter than my skin tone but blends well after  few minutes after application. This product contains SPF 35 and contains Niacinamide. 
I gave this a try because of the raves about it from youtubers and other influencers. The first time I tried it, I was not impressed. My skin at that time was at its worst (red angy prosiriasis flare ups). It did not  cover my red patches and it did not blend well with my skincare. I even need to effortly blend the product on my face for it to adhere better and look better on my skin. Fast forward to May, I am really enjoying this product because I have better skin now. The coverage of this tint is sheer to light. 
1. This has a very refreshing feel as it gives a very slight cooling sensation in a good way. 
2. This feels very hydrating and gives a beautiful dewy glow.
3. This is great for everyday wear as it feels like nothing when worn.
4. Evens out my skin tone but does not cover my dark circles and other imperfections.
5. It does nol
6.The color range is good for a Filipino brand.
7. It has SPF 35 for talhat added sun protection.
8. I love the pump tube packaging. 

1. I need 3 pumps to get my desired coverage. (I know this is not advertised as a high coverage product. I think I will finish one tube so fast than my usual base makeup).
2. This product definitely looks better on clear smooth skin. I have used this product on two different skin conditions and I did not like it as much when I have bad skin days (note psoriasis flare ups).
3. There are times that I find it hard to blend/layer with my skincare esp. on bad skin days. 

Overall, this is a nice tint for everyday wear.

Stay safe!


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