Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation

Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation

Hi everyone.  If there is one makeup product that lured me into this addiction that would be foundation.  In buying foundations, I am very particular with the price. I have this weird belief- the higher it costs - the better it would be. Right? The exception will be my San San Matte Foundation. This Maybelline liquid foundation has been with me for months and I have been reaching for the SanSan Matte  Liquid Foundation more than this (because I love foundations with more coverage). Originally , this costs 499 pesos but I bought this less 30% off. Woohoo.. I wanted to get the powder foundation but BF prevented me from doing so. He's been complaining that I got tons of unused makeup and I need not add more junk in my closet. I honestly do not know if I like or hate this foundation. Overall, I honestly think it is very mediocre. Hence, writing this post made me think why did I ever bought this? (thinks.. )  I know now. I wanted a light foundation as an alternate for my Studiofix.  
This is dermatologist tested and allergy tested too. I experienced no breakout or rashes in using this. There are three important points that I took into consideration in buying this foundation. It says that:
  • It gives breathable coverage. It says that it contains micro minerals that won't clog pores.
  • It hydrates skin since it has moisturizing properties.
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin. It contains no preservatives (but it contains Parabens and made in China.. hmmm..) and no fragrance.
I can use this everyday because it is lightweight. However, it can make my skin a tad bit oily by mid day but not too much though. It just gives me that dewy glow (please take note that I have dry skin). The good thing is that it did not dry my skin. My skin can breathe underneath this foundation without feeling tight. When I first used this, I was really disappointed. It does not blend well at all and it creates those crazy streaks. It does not blend well with moisturizer. I realized that unlike my other liquid foundation which I apply immediately after applying my moisturizer, this foundation needed a different application because it has hydrating properties already. I now apply this foundation after my moisturizer has dried. It works!! I love using my Lumiere pink stippling brush in applying. 

The shade I got is OC3. It has yellow undertones but I still find it light for me. I sometimes mix this foundation with my SanSan Matte foundation in No.3. The texture is a bit runny.

This is what it looks like on my bare skin. The before and after shot.
You can see that my dark circles are really bad noh? My pores are very prominent on my cheeks and nose are
It did a good job of evening out my skin tone but it looks so light one me!! It also covered my pores. The coverage is light but not sheer.
What I like about this foundation:
  • It is lightweight and I can use this everyday.
  • This did not caused me any breakouts.
  • Not funky scent or fragrance.
  • The pump bottle is very useful. You can control the amount of product very well.
  • It has SPF18.
  • I experienced no dry patches or areas when I used this. 
What I do not like about this foundation:
  • The shades are too light for most Pinays. 
  • It can give a slight white cast on photos too. 
Over all, this product will suit women/girls who loves light foundation and it has a built in SPF 18 suitable to our weather. Will I buy this again? NO. 

Me using the Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation.
Please do not be deceived with my airbrush face here (and do not be angry.. Haters please let me use my camera by using the soft skin feature without fear of retaliation. haha). Thanks to my Sony H70, it has this soft skin feature that made me look poreless. Btw, picnik is closing down soon. This is an online site where I edit my photos because it is very easy to use. Now that it is closing, I really do not know where will I edit now. Does that mean that I must now learn how to use Adobe Photoshop? Wahh... I suck with computer programs. :C 

Godbless everyone
Have a nice weekend.


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  1. You have great skin. It looks good already, even without foundation on. :)

  2. I was quite interested to try this product out but I guess the coverage is too light for me. I need heavier coverage to cover my dark spots. Oh well... Photoshop is quite easy to use. Very user friendly! Although I did have to learn it whether I like it or not because of my course. Haha! :P

  3. If you're using Windows, Photoscape is an easy way to edit your photos! :)

  4. Yup, i received a mail that picnik is closing on april 19 :(
    Beautiful as always Atty!

  5. Hi! You may want to download Picasa. It's a free app from Google. And it's very easy to use. You can even directly post your photos on your blog. :)

  6. Hay. I love Picnik too. :(
    Your skin is nice even without foundation! :D

  7. Interesting product. Though the shade is tad too light and ashy for your skin. Which is unfortunate with those who have warm yellow undertones.

  8. Hi donna, you might wanna try the photoscape software, it edits your photos similar to picnik :D

  9. i love your disclaimer at the bottom! i figured it was a camera setting cause your other photos aren't as poreless. hayaan mo haters girl! interesting yung binibigyan ka nila ng hits! :D

  10. Unblended, I thought it was going to be an exact match.


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