Review: In2It Fibre Free (Lash Define) Mascara

Aside from buying foundations, getting the right mascara for my lashes lands no. 2 on my hard to buy list.  A mascara is either a good buy or a waste of money for me.  Most mascaras have wet formulas and they just do not simply work with my lashes. Although, my lashes have grown since I started using Sophia Lash Serum, buying mascaras have been harder since my lashes now weigh a bit heavier than before. I need mascaras that can hold up the curl really well.. I bought this mascara due to Say, the famous youtube Filipina Guru. :D I was actually having a very long discussion with the sales lady at the In2it counter on whether this mascara is really good.   I wanted to get the mascara with fibre but  the saleslady insisted that this is way better. Of course, I was persuaded. She told me that this is one of their best sellers.. Hmmm.. I had this mascara for over a month. Am I impressed with it? Read my posts further to know the answer. 

The packaging says all the good things about this mascara. 

This is affordable too. :D Maybelline mascaras ranges from 300 up to 600 pesos (I think). 

The wand is really tiny enough for me to maneuver it. It can coat hard to reach lashes on the corner of the eyes and does a nice job in coating my lower lashes.

The mascara shade is very black. Indeed, the color is very pigmented. It is simple jet black on my lashes and opens up my eyes really well. The wand is really nice too. I can apply the product with such a breeze. It also does separate my lashes well but it does not add volume at all. I find it very clumpy too. There are moments where I can apply this mascara without my lashes getting too clumpy but that takes me a lot of time.  Then when it dries, my lashes feel so stiff. There are times that I feel that they can break easily when I recurl them. I have this bad habit of recurling my lashes with curl lash every now and then. And yes, my lashes at times are cut off. This mascara has a wet formula and it definitely does not dry fast. What I definitely love about this is that with just one coat my lower lashes look so  pretty. It also does a nice job of lengthening my lashes too. This is definitely waterproof and smudge proof once dried.  I do not agree that it is easy to remove. I lost a lost like 5 pcs. of lashes when I tried removing it with my Pure Beauty Clenasing Oil. I can only removed this guilt free and fear free with my all time favorite mascara remover -- Ponds Cold Cream. 
See how clumpy my lashes gets with this mascara.
Bravo to the lengthening properties. Look at my lower lashes. They became more prominent right? Just one coat will do the job. 
Just too clumpy for my taste!

Do I like it? NO. I love mascaras that make my lashes fuller and longer all at the same time. I do not want spider legs lashes at all. They look so unnatural. Yay!! However, this might work with other girls who have short lashes because it does create an illusion of longer lashes and with its super black pigmentation it can really open up your eyes.

Would you believe that my current
favorite mascara only costs 40 pesos? Yes!!!

It looks like this:

A reader of mine told me that this mascara sent to me is very pricey but the one she has only costs 50 pesos and it is sold in 168 malls! I was like Weh di nga!?? hahaha I love the Yanqina Mascara so much that I was in the constant search for its looks alike. I found one and it only costs me 40 pesos.. The brand name was heng fang and I researched about it and it was a china made cosmetics. They have a website too. The HengFang Mascara upon opening ahs a weird strong scent but it went away after several days of using it. It is my fave mascara as of the moment. Will I buy it again? Yes. And for those who would tell me that CHina Made Products are scary check you makeup, they are probably China Made too like most of my maybelline and Nyx products!! Anyways, I just want to be clear that I am not prodding anyone to but this cheap mascara. :D 
What mascara are your loving right now? 
Let me know. I am planning to get the fashion 21 red mascara because of  Andee of
Godbless everyone!

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  1. great review...mascara is adding length but not volume...btw you have great skin

  2. i hate their fiber mascara!
    too clumpy & it dries forever!

    that does it, i won't be trying out in3it mascaras anymore na

  3. I agree with your review. The finish is so clumpy. I too, am a fan of mascaras. I love the formulas of maybelline for my lashes. Almost any mascara from that brand works for me. But right now I'm using/LOVING my Max Factor False lash effect. :)

    PS. That HengFang Mascara works really nice ah!

  4. I bet the In2it Mascara didnt work because of your 'Sophia Eyelashes Curse'! Hehe!
    Saw that Step1-Step2 Mascara last week and it cost around 66pesos at Sta.Lucia Mall.. I will purchase one nang masubukan.. hehe! Waterproof ba siya Atty.? Thanks po!

  5. I also adore Heng Fang mascara to bits :) It only cost P37 here in Palawan and they even have a waterproof variant :D


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