Sophia Lash Enhancing Kit Update for February and March

Hi guys.. This is an update for my lashes. I have been receiving a lot of messages and comments on where is my installment for this update. Honestly, I am not considering this an update since I have only applied Sophia on my lashes for less than 10 times the past weeks. I am so busy that I always forget to apply it. But take a good look on my lashes now.. Aren't they longer?? There is a big improvement especially on the length!  Also, there are a lot of people noticing how long my lashes are especially when curled with mascara.. :D

Take a look at my lashes after month of using Sophia here:

And my lashes before I started using Sophia here:
More product information here:

I am really satisfied with my lashes now. Yey!!

What lash enhancing serum have you tried? Did it work? Mine did!!! :D
Godbless everyone


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