Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base (Review,Swatches, Before and After Photos)

"This light and fluffy choux cream-like makeup base creates baby choux skin with its moist inside and soft smoothness on the outside"
Price: Php 628.00

I got this Baby Choux Base from the Sweet Recipe Event of Etude House at Tous Les Jours last month.  This was the least of my favorite during the launch. I am not a fan of makeup because of the bad experience I had with green and violet makeup base before. They made my face look so white as if it was floating. One of  the worst makeup No-No's is having a floating or ghost like face. This happens when your face is lighter than the rest of your body. I had tons of floating face experience because I had a hard time finding the right shade for my NC35 skin tone. I am not fair and I am not even close to Morena. I am in the medium range and it is so hard finding the foundation, BB Cream or tinted moisturizer that suits my skin tone. Western Brands tends to have more pink undertones in their shades while Asian brands can go as white as paper. Thus, out of all the goodies Etude House gave me, I was not gung ho about this product at all. Then, I finally decided to give this a try. I admit that it was not love at first sight but love at first try.

The first thing I notice about this product is the packaging. The jar bottle is so dainty and girly that it looks perfect on the vanity table. Its jar is made out of sturdy glass. 
Upon opening the jars, I immediately notice the scent. Etude House Sweet Recipe Line got the sweetest scents infused in their products. This one is not different from the All Over Cupcake Cream that smells like candy!!! The Mint Choux Base smells like tea which is so relaxing. Berry is very fruity and sweet. Both scents are quite addicting. To those with allergic rhinitis like me, the scent is not overpowering and it did not trigger my allergy. Great job Etude House with the scents of these Choux Bases!!!

I got two shades out the three: 
#1 Mint

#2 Berry

The other shade is in #3 Peach which a tad bit lighter and paler than Berry. 
It has a very creamy air light consistency. Please note that it does not have an air whipped mousse texture. It blends very well on the skin because the consistency is not too thick. 
It dries to a semi matte finish. I thought that it deliver a powder finish but thankfully it did not. Thus, it is not drying on the skin. I still prefer,however, using a moisturizer underneath.  I use my fingers in applying the base all over my face. The warmth of my fingers makes it easier to blend. This product settles perfectly on the skin without leaving steaks.

This product is truly a must try makeup base especially if you are into brightening and instant whitening effect. If you have fairer skin, I think you can use this  alone and skip foundation because it has a fairly good and buildable coverage. Take note, it does not have a full coverage. On my NC35 skin, it does a great job of prepping and evening out my skin tone. Surprisingly, it  smoothens out my skin and brightens up my dull skin  instantly. It does not lengthen/prolong the staying power of  foundation nor does it prevent makeup meltdown. It does not work like the silicone base primers in the market but it creates a flawless base. The plus point of this product is that it has SPF25!!! 
Let's have a walk through on how I use this Makeup Base in Mint:
My bare face
My dark circles, as usual, are very conspicuous. I have red patches and and uneven skintone.
Looks like I played with icing in this photo. Ohh, I think I applied too much of the makeup base.
After spreading the product, my face looks like a ghost. haha It is evident, however,  that it evened out my skin tone and neutralized the redness of my face.
Then, I applied Revlon Nearly Naked in Medium Beige to match my true skin tone.
Taddaaaaa!!! After applying concealer and setting my face with Fanny Serrano Foundation in Chino.

The sad news: It leaves a slightly noticeable white cast on pictures when taken with flash.

Overall, I love this product. I use this for everyday wear as a base. I tend to reach out to the shade Mint more because it does a great job of lessening the red patches of my skin. This works well with foundations, BB creams or Tinted Moisturizers that have darker color than your skintone. I use this with Revlon Nearly Naked  in Medium Beige (this shade is my perfect match but using the mint base brightened up my skin) and the San San BB Cream. Check out my review on both products here and here respectively. This product can be used alone especially those with fair skin but I primarily used it as a makeup base. 

Have you tried this product? 
Let me know if you love this too!!!

Godbless everyone!

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  1. Looks really nice! You have amazing gorgeous tanned skin!!!! :) It makes mine look blech!

  2. awesome review! yeah, I do see the white cast, but if set with a slightly darker powder, that might be unnoticeable ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  3. I love the "not too thick" detail of this product. Personally, I hate products that feels so heavy and thick on the face. Thank you for the great review! I love Etude House <3

  4. Thank you for this lovely review. I was searching the net for this product's price and instead, I found a wonderful review in return. xoxo


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