The Hit List (May Favorites)

I can't believe it is June already! May has been a very busy month for me.  Hence, my inactivity in the blogosphere for the past weeks. Compared to April, I just have a few faves this month. Being busy with my career and not time for makeup exploration has lead me to enjoy the beauty items that I got onhand but I discovered a few new things that might interest all of you. Let us start, shall we?
Landmark has been a cheap thrills paradise for me especially if you are looking for makeup brushes. I have seen this Artist STudio brush from different bloggers and it is only early this year that I have decided to purchase it. This is a slanted flat top brush which costs around 150 pesos only. The bristles may not be as soft as Sigma F80 but for a fraction of a price I can not complain. The brush is soft and does not prick my face. I use it to buff foundation all over my face. I love the fact that I can use it with powder, cream or liquid foundation and creates a seamless application. 
Etude House Kissful Tint Choux
I was looking for a lip tint to use on a short weekend trip to the beach. I wanted to buy the lip stains from Revlon or Max Factor but they are are too pricey  in my opinion. I immediately thought of going to Etude House because I had a darling lip tint from them before. I chanced upon this instead. I was honestly a bit skeptical buying this tint because it comes in a gloss form than a tint. I bought it anyway because it only costs 278 pesos without high expectation on the product. Let me tell that this product is really awesome.This product applies like a lipgloss but leaves a pinkish stain on my lips even after eating. It also gives off a nice sheen on my lips. A little goes a long way and I love using it with my NIchido Lip Liner in Rosette. More on this product soon. :)
Celeteque Brightening Facial Wash
I was really bewildered when I bought this product because it feels so heavy and full. Compared to other facial wash housed in a tube which has room for air, this one is like a tootpaste. I have to literally squeezed the tube to get the product out. This is way better than their original facial wash. This is one of the best facial wash I have ever tried because it does a great job of cleansing my face and removing my makeup. Also, it does not leave my skin tight and dry after every use. TThis works very well on my dry and sensitive skin. he great thing is it only costs 150 pesos. 
Virginia Olsen Sculpting Brush
Price: 450 pesos

As I mentioned in my previous post, this made contouring easy as 123!!!! It is very soft and works well on both cream and powder products.  This brush is the first i have ever seen in the local market. Great job Virginia Olsen .  

Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara
This product is very affordable for only 150 pesos a tube. This has been a life saver for me. I have finally found a product that can tame my unruly brows. Before, I use it after applying my brow cake but I find i find it more useful if you apply it twice. Before applying brow cake and after applying brow cake.  If you will look at the first picture, I am almost done with this product. I will make a full review on this soon.
Hurrwa! Black Cherry Tinted Lipbalm
This has been sent to me by I love the scent of this lipbalm and the hint of color and sheen it gives my lips.  I made review about this in my previous post here:
In2it Brow Cake in Eyebrowns
 After years of being raved about by local bloggers, I have finally decided to try this product. This stuff is amazing. This is a multi functional product. I use it to contour my nose bridge, as an eyeshadow and for defining my brows. In defining my brows, it is best used with a wet thin angled brush. My officemate commented how nice my the product I use on my brows is, she even thought that I was using a gel liner because it looked very pigmented on my thin brows. More on this product soon.
Glam Works Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes
I never use makeup removers to remove my face makeup because I love using my eskinol to remove my makeup. A beauty blogger commented that I should use a makeup remover because Eskinol can dry out my lips. I have tried a lot of makeup remover wipes but this one is by far the best!!! It has a very refreshing scent, does not irritate my skin and removes my face makeup very well. It cannot remove waterproof mascara or liners, so I still use my ponds cold cream first then I wipe it off with this. This costs 49 pesos and it is buy one take one in Watsons. I have been looking for this in other Watsons branch but I have been buying mine in Watson's greenhills. 

That's it!!! What is your faves last May?
Have a blessed Sunday to all!
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  1. I'm currently using Celeteque hydration facial wash. Maybe I'd try this one next.

  2. I love that all of your features are so inexpensive. It's easier to try out!

  3. These are some amazing products, I particularly like the shape of your contouring brush! xx

    The Bedside Dreams

  4. I want to try the celeteque brightening facial wash hindi kasi ako hiyang sa hydration facial wash.

  5. i use farlin wipes naman dear =)

  6. Will buy the celeteque wash ASAP! :) Im a fan of face care products. from wash to moisturizers :) You know, there's no such thing as taking care of your face. Make ups are temporary but the care you invest lasts forever ;)

  7. In 2 It is a great product! I have 3 eye shadows from In2It. :)


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