My Weekend Bag Plus Great Finds

Who here commutes to school or to the office and carries loads of stuff (be it makeup, files,  etc.)? I do!!!! (Raises hand like an eager beaver) Lately, my shoulders and back have been experiencing muscle pains due to the load I carry whenever I commute.  I decided to give my shoulders a break by using a smaller bag last weekend. I tried my best to bring the essentials only but looking at the above photo, I think I carried more makeup than I should. Well, I tried my best to fit everything in this small bag! Good thing BF was there. I squeezed my comb, tissue, umbrella and alcohol in his bag. haha 

Here are the stuff, I brought with me:
 Iris Mineral Powder Foundation (from Glory of New York)
Carmex Lipbalm ( A must have or those with dry lips)
Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk in JPK002 - works like a tinted glossy balm that leaves a pink stain on the lips
In2it Eyebrow cake - This is a multi tasking product that deserves a spotlight on my blog. I use this as an eyeshadow, nose contour powder and of course, eyebrow powder ( which is very pigmented and long lasting).
Marionnaud Angled Brush and Spoolie - I have been repurchasing this time and again because it is the most affordable and the best eyebrow brush I have ever tried. The angled brush is thinner now compared to the previous ones I had.
Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara - The best local mascara. Click here or my review. 
FS Eyelash Curler
KPalette Eyeliner Pencil
FS Lip Liner

I also make sure that I bring Identification Cards with me for emergency purposes and reference. 
The green pouch is where I kept my phones and cash. 
BTW, the small bag is not mine. I borrowed it from my little sister. :p

Do you also have a weekend bag? 

I also want to share with you  my greats finds last weekend.
Did you know that Revlon is currently on sale? I have been lemming for their balm stain for months now. I bought the shade Honey which is neutral mauvey pink but leaves a reddish stain on the lips. I really wanted to buy Lovesick or Romantic but settled or this one because I want a shade that will suit office makeup. I bought mine at Watsons Megamall near the Supermarket. There are Watsons that offer this at buy one take one instead like that of Robinsons' instead of 50% off.

I saw this clear band natural lashes with glue at Landmark Trinoma.
Can you guess how much? 

Great buy or less than 50 pesos right? I should have bought another pair, don't you think?

I also found a great long lasting and budge proof concealer!! I will post the review and the name of the product within the week. 

Have a blessed day to all!

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  1. so curious bout the concealer... :)been needing one very badly lately... will stay tuned for your post atty ;)

  2. :( Just bought revlon just bitten online thinking i'd save some bucks....... waaaaaaa...

  3. I want to try Just Bitten Honey or Cherish. I've got Lovesick and I've used up half of it already...

  4. Wahhh until when is the Revlon sale?

    You do carry a lot of makeup in your bag. Good thing your bf brings a bag. Mine doesn't on weekends. :( But he could always carry my bag when it gets too heavy. ;)

  5. til when's the sale? been wanting to try the balm stain for so long!

  6. Oh my the balm stains are for sale!!! Thanks for the info, Donna :D

  7. mas okay ba yang FS curler compared to ELF curler? thanksss :)

  8. wow REAL GREAT FINDS ms donna =) thumbs up =)

  9. my weekend bag is for my baby, hehe... but i also bring my make up in a small pouch, gusto ko try ung In2it Eyebrow cake.

  10. I love your bag! <3 And I love Revlon. Revlon is one of my favorite products because I love that it's not too sticky on my lips and I love the long lasting effect :) And those lashes are great and affordable. I have such short eyelashes, I really want this :)

  11. that false lashes is so mura :) you should have bought another pair kasi if in case maganda tipid pamasahe since you commute din like me :))

  12. Love your finds! wait, 50 pesos false eyelashes?! Sooo affordable :D

  13. sana sale din sa CDO! will check the stores soon!

  14. wow! I want to buy those falsies!! I will drop Landmark soon! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Thanks for the heads up about the Revlon sale! A law student still has to look pretty amidst tambak na cases! Hahaha!


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