Eye of Horus: A Goddess Affair

You have heard me rave about the Eye of Horus countless of times. Their Black Pencil Liner landed on my no. 1 list of the best black liners I have tried. If you haven't read that yet,  here is the link:
Their black liner is soft, creamy pigmented and does not budge at all. 

Last Monday, I was invited to a press launch featuring this wonderful makeup brand. I was thrilled to know that they bringing in more products through Snoe and Glamourbox. Eye of Horus products are uniquely formulated in the style of ancient Egyptians with plan based ingredients and waxes including Carnauba Wax, Beeswax, Rice Bran Wax, Candelilla Wax and Moringa Oil. If you are suffering from sensitive eyes, Eye of Horus Products are perfect for you because of the natural waxes and oils in their iconic eye products.
Eye of Horus Products are proven to be :
Not tested on animals
Made of Natural Ingredients
Paraben Free

Eye of Horus is an Australian brand. Their products have exceptional long lasting formulas designed for sensitive eyes with all day staying power. 
Their Products are:

1.Goddess Mascara - Volumizing hourglass silicon brush with massed bristles and a flexible wand. Strengthens and lengthens for ultimate Goddess lashes. Formulated with ancient Moringa Oil for sensitive eyes.

2. Liquid Define - Fast drying easy defined application and staying power. Features a fabulous reversible tip. Reversing the tip if it ever gets slightly worn. Product can also be primed by pushing felt tip against the lid. 

3. Goddess Pencils - A combination of waxes in creamy rich matte and metallic formulas glide on are waterproof, smudge-proof, easily removed with warm water, but has the staying power to last all day.

4. Baked Eye shadows - Italian long lasting, crease proof formula delivers rich burst of colour. Shadows blend together perfectly. Refill when you run out - tablet refills fits into Palette case for easy storage and transport.

Eye of Horus products in action. Now, I need their mascara asap!! Look at how it transformed the model's lashes into a Vavavoom one.
I won this baked eyeshadow palette with a brush (forgot to take a picture) for answering that Eye of Horus Products do not have Parabens! At all! hihi
Here are some of their products shots:

Eye of Horus products are now available at selected Snoe stores. 
Visit: https://eyeofhorus.com.au/



Have you tried Eye of Horus products?Tell me your fave!
My favorite right now is their precision tweezers!


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  1. Loooove the first model's makeup! Her skin looks smooth and luminous!

  2. Wow the green pencil is majestic! I agree with you, I have the black one and it's by far the best pencil I've tried. It just creates a perfect smokey eye.

  3. wow! I remember how much I loved the eye of horus mascara, when I got it from my glamourbox last year ^_^
    I soooo want to try their eye pencils now.

  4. i have the mascara and still unused =) saving it for the last! gonna use it this december =)

  5. I want all of their products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kamusta na nga pala sis? It's been a while since I've been active in reading beauty blogs again :)

  6. gosh. been thinking about this eyeliner ever since nakita ko review mo sis! it's a bit pricey lang but i have high hope for this! cnt wait to purchase this!


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