The Pond's Perfect Skin Routine

 There are times when my camera just do not want to cooperate. Thank heavens for PR pictures. Yay! Pond's brings you the perfect skin routine. The product in this line is perfect for those with acne prone and/or oily skin.
One way to make sure that your skin always looks fresh and stays pimple free: follow the Pond’s Perfect Skin Routine is made just for teens and adults alike (Used the Acne Clear Multi Action Facial Foam with Scrub once every week as my exfoliator)! 
This way, even if you have to stay up late studying or working, you’ll be able to maintain a glowing and flawless complexion. With a little time 
and effort, you’ll be able to clear up your complexion and watch your skin transform 
with the help of these Pond’s Acne solutions. 

The Pond’s Perfect Skin Routine 
You’ll be able to banish acne and boost your self-confidence, Read the steps below:

Step 1: Lather Up!
Wash your face at least twice a day to banish excess oil on your face and wash away pore-clogging impurities. It’s the most important beauty step!

This Multi Action Facial Foam leaves my face matte and squeaky clean after every use. I gave this cleanser to my sister who has acne prone skin and this has been drying up her pimples really well. The beaded scrub exfoliates my dead skin gently and leaves my face more supple. For dry skin peeps like me, this is not advisable for everyday use. 

The Pond's Acne Clear White Facial Wash is the ultimate 
must-have because it fights 10 oil and acne problems while brightening your complexion. 
It contains salicylic acid to clear your pores, herbal clay to remove oil, gentle 
scrubbing beads to exfoliate and tighten pores, and whitening essence 
for radiant, glowing skin.
Step 2: Invest In Toner
Your skin produces a lot more oil as a teen, so strip it off by putting a few drops of toner on acottonball. 
Swipe over hard-to reach areas like the corners of
your nose and near the ears!

The Pond’s Acne Expert Pore Conditioning Toner reaches deep seated dirt! 
It’s perfect for feeling refreshed after a sweaty P.E class. It also contains tea tree 
extract to help dry pimples a lot faster. 

Step 3: Start Moisturizing!
The surprising cause for an oily or acne-prone complexion: dehydrated skin. Avoid this dilemma by using a light
moisturizer over your face and neck twice a day.

Reach for a gentle formula, like Pond's White Beauty For Acne-Prone Skin. 
You’ll love the spotless white glow and powdery finish that it leaves on your skin. 
Beauty bonus: It also contains Detox Vitamins to help lighten 
pimple marks and blemishes—yay!
Step 4: Spot Correct Acne
There’s no need to worry if a nasty zit popped up because you had a ton of exams 
and didn’t have enough sleep. A gel that’s spiked with salicylic acid 
will help banish that pimple ASAP.

 The Pond’s Overnight Pimple Care Gel is a special brew of glycolic acid, 
aloe vera, and salicylic acid that reduces swelling, redness, and dries up 
your blemish. You can use it during the day, but this translucent gel works
best if applied before bedtime.

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  1. Wow! May Pond's White Beauty na pala for acne prone skin. :)

  2. I am not a fan of pond's. Hindi tumatalab sakin. Ewan ko ba :( Siguro parang sa hiyangan ?

  3. I've tried the Pond's toner and my eyes sting every time I use that. It has too much alcohol in it but it's good on removing stubborn dirt.

  4. i love ponds products it suits my skin very well :)

  5. Wow! May Pond's White Beauty na pala for acne prone skin. :) masubukan nga

  6. Thanks for this simple step by step skincare routine using one of my favorite brands ( :

  7. Do you have any idea how much is Pond's Acne Clear White Facial Wash? Kase I've been to watsons several times wala po eh. I'm planning to get as much as I can to bring it to the place where I'm going, since , my face doesn't adjust fast to available facial in other countries. I've experienced that before. I don't know if Ponds in other countries differs to those offered here. Thanks.

  8. ive been a user of Pond's for years...I mean we I should say from my mom to my sister. I remember when I was college almost a decade ago whenever I came from school i feel refreshed everytime I wash my face with Pond's. I nver remember having any breakouts until 3 yrs ago.I started developing acne.At first,I still opted for Ponds anti bac wash together with defensil it tamed my breakouts.But it did came back. Sad to say,since then I nver used Ponds na. Hindi nako hiyang. It seems their formulation change or maybe ngiiba na tlga yung skin ko sa face..

  9. im not a Pond's user. but when i used the said products,
    nagdry pimples ko in a week then ung blemishes slowly fading sya. so i decided to continue it hanggang ngayon. ang hassle lang nung pimple marks i cant wait to see the final results :)

  10. Hiyang ako sa ponds product and I can say that it was the best facial product for me. I was just worried nitong mga nakaraang buwan, kahit sa mercury wala akong mabilihan na ponds acne clear white. I don't know why.

    1. Same with me :( i can't find the acne clear white facial wash but they say it only changed its packaging but the new one is really different when it comes to ingredients and it is not facial foam + scrub :(


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