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I discovered the wonders of face masks years ago. It is definitely an immediate skin care remedy esp. for those with super dry skin like mine. Through the years, using face masks became a basic part of my self care routine but when I became a mom, I got lazy in my skincare game. I sometimes find masking too tedious because 15- 20 minutes seemed too long for a working momma like me. When I saw UFO by Foreo Sweden in a vlog of a Korean Youtuber, I was very curious about it. I found the UFO very ingenious!! Imagine cutting your 20 minutes masking time to just 90 seconds but getting better results due to the hyper infusion technology and led light.

When Foreo Sweden asked me to review UFO, UFO masks, and Bear. I was beyond thrilled!!! UFO came with a charging cable, a plastic stand, and one pack of Make My Day Mask. The first thing I did upon receiving this device is downloading the Foreo Sweden App. The foreo app showed me how to use the UFO and guided me throughout the entire process. For every use of the UFO, you need to scan the bar code of the mask that you will use. Then, it will automatically operate or give you a unique treatment specifically based on the type of UFO - Activated mask you use. Meaning each treatment may combine the warmth of thermo therapy and t-sonic pulsations or all three - thermotherapy, cryo therapy, and t-sonic pulsations.  With the Foreo App, you can also customize you own, power mask treatment routine by controlling the level of t-sonic pulsations or choosing thermo or cryo therapy for your treatment. Oh, it also combines led light therapy. The three led lights of UFO are: RED - stimulates cell production while firming and lifting the skin, GREEN - brightens and evens out skintone, and BLUE - anti-inflammatory and anti- bacterial. By playing with the customization tool of the Foreo app, I discovered that I can combine the different led lights which can turn into WHITE - reduces puffiness and PURPLE - toxin elimination.

After learning how to operate the UFO device, masking became such a breeze. UFO is truly a revolutionary device which brings a spa like treatment at the comforts of your home. The app voice over guide makes the whole process even more relaxing! I love the entire 90 second treatment routine and I sometimes do it 2x! I sometimes make my 2nd treatment a customized routine. I usually choose cryo theraphy with green led light or red led light depending on my skin condition. Each UFO activated masks pack contains enough serum that I can use for another 2-3x application (manual). 

The mask itself is made of ultra soft micro fiber which feels gentle on the skin and is developed and made in the land of Kbeauty - Korea. Make sure to properly clip the mask in place to prevent it from moving.
I will first feature the two original masks - the Make My Day and Call It A Night Activated Masks. The Make My Day Masks has Hyaluronic Acid + Red Algae Extract as its key ingredients. This is very hydrating amd gives my skin a healthy glow. It also protects the skin with its anti-pollution

The Call It A Night Mask has Ginseng + Olive Oil as its main ingredients. I really enjoy using this mask at night. This is easily aborbed by my skin and I noticed that my skin feel revitalized and more nourished after using it. Both masks do not leave my skin feeling oily or greasy. 

I really enjoy using UFO during the day time and most especially at night time. I also felt that the serum of the masks penetrated into my skin better with the use of UFO by giving my skin instantaneous glow, plumpiness, and moisture all at the same time. 

Foreo also gifted me with their premium masks which I use in rotation together with these masks. I will feature them in a separate blog post. :) 

You can watch my short video demo on how to use it on my instagram: UFO by FOREO Sweden

Here's how my skin looked like after using the Make My Day Mask. Can you how it somehow blur out my pores and gave my skin a healthy glow?
Overall, I am obsessed with this smart facial mask device-- UFO!! Using it really feels so relaxing and I love the immediate benefits it gives my skin. 

The only con? The price of the device and the activated masks are a bit steep but they are worth it (imho).

You can purchase your own UFO here.

Have you tried UFO?
What are your thoughts on this?




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