Rave: Johnsons Baby Shampoo

I know I have been posting a lot of makeup entries but today I will be sharing a gem 💎 to all of you! This is by far the best hair care discovery 2020! 😘 It is not a fancy hair care product. Actually, most of you might pass by this product when rummaging through the shampoo aisle in the grocery. I never knew I will be raving about a baby shampoo 😆 My son (toddler) uses the blue active variant. I discovered this through my dermatologist who recommended this product to my brother. My brother and I are both suffering from from plaque (scalp) psoriasis and guttate psoriasis. I was skeptical at first when she recommended it. I told myself it will not solve my medical issues. True enough, it dit not heal my plaque psoriasis but it worked well for my scalp condition.

I have tried a lot of medicated and organic shampoos for over 15 yrs. Most of which leave my tresses dry and my scalp even itchier. This Johnsons Baby shampoo is very gentle on the scalp. It has a nice fresh scent (amoy bebe hehe). This does not contain parabens, phtalates, sulfates, and dyes. This thouroughly cleanses my scalp and hair without leaving any residue. This does not dry out my scalp and hair. I skip conditioner lately because this shampoo made my hair tangle free. What I like best about this shampoo is that this resolved my hairfall issue. Wala ng taglagas! Hehe ♥️ Lastly, this is very affordable and locally available. 
What is your favorite shampoo? 




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