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I can't believe that 2011 will soon be over. This year was a whirlwind for me. A lot happened to me especially life changing events. This year was mostly fail for makeup buys because I would usually purchase makeup online due to my busy schedule. So here is a list of my best finds this 2011 (I will not elaborate too much on products I have already made a review):
San San Matte Liquid Foundation - I am really surprised that this 100 pesos foundation  is on this list. I really have sensitive skin and this did not cause me any break out at all. No rashes too. I have using this for almost everyday, the first time I got it. Click here for detailed review.

James Cooper Jazzy Collection Foundation compact - Having medium yellow skin is really hard. I have a hard time choosing foundation and concealer but this product save the day. I would usually purchase concealer that is light than my  skin tone. Having three shades in one compact is really good. The medium shade suits my skin very well but I do not use it that much especially the highlighter. The darker shade of the compact is my favorite because it makes my foundation and concealer suits me better. I just blend them (the darker shade and my concealer) together and I instantly get that perfect shade for me. Sadly, this is now phased out.

Ellana Mineral Concealer in Smile - I forgot to include it in this picture. My under eye concealer more often than not rubs off at the end of the day. I seriously think that looking like Wednesday Addams when I was five was so cool but having dark bags at the age of 26 is so not cool!! I look so stressed at the end of the day even if I am not. This concealer saves the day. I primarily use this for touch ups. It can get cakey so I have to exert extra effort in blending. haha

Fanny Serrano 2 way Foundation - I love this foundation and I bought my third compact yesterday. A compact would last around 4 months. No more ghostly white face in pictures!! I really think Fanny Serrano should get an applause for this product especially for the shade selection that perfectly fits Filipina skin. Click here for more information.

Sigma F80 Brush - The best brush I have ever used. Seriosly. The only problem I have now is that whenever I use my other flat top brushes, I think they prick my skin more than ever (or it is all in my head..haha). 
No palette this time. I just bought the Neutral Palette this year and I am not gaga crazy over it.

Nichido Kohl Pencil in Onyx - This is very pigmented and it applies like a dream even on the waterline. I use this for lining my lid my water line and even for tightlining. A detailed review on this soon.

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer - Finally!! This primer is better than all the other primers I have used even the ELF mineral Primer is no match for this one! I will do a review about this soon.

Nichido Minerals Precise Liner - It does not tug, smudge or budge!! The best liquid eyeliner on the local market to date! Click here for review.

Yanqina Mascara and Maybelline Stilleto Mascara - The best mascaras I used this year. Both made my lashes appear fuller and longer! Click here for Yanqina review and here for Maybelline Stilleto Mascare Review. 
Milani Bronzer in Medium - I bought this last November, 2010 but I mostly used it this year. I am quite surprised that I watched two Youtube Gurus raving about this. I love pairing this a light pink lipstick. I aslo use this for contouring. Click here for my bronzer collection post last 2010.

ELF Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze - The best contour powder and very cheap too. Click here for more information.

Shawill Blush in Natural Beige - Another exception to my list. I am never into shimmery blushes but I love this one a lot. It gives me that natural glow on the cheeks.

SanSan Peach Blush - One word - LOVE!! haha Click here for the detailed review.

Etude House Face Color Corset in No.1 - This is a white shimmery highlighter. I find this perfect for the Holidays. Click here for more information. 

Nichido and NYX lip liners - These are my lip savers. They cover my dark outer lip line very well. They are very affordable too. I just hope Nichido will release more shades soon.

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cherry - I find this better than Carmex! The cherry flavor is not over powering at all. It only costs 75 pesos.

Careline Gloss -If there is the best among the best product of the year, this will take that spot! For 60 pesos, you will get that super opaque and not sticky gloss! Winner! I cannot express how much I love these glosses. Careline, please add more matte shades. Click here and here for the swatches and review. Btw, my favorite shade is in 101. 
Skincare Products
Etude House Happy Tea Time Milk Tea - I use this as a makeup remover for my eyes. I had this for months an I just finished half of the product. I bought this as a replacement for my Ponds Cold Cream. However between Ponds and this one, Ponds wins without a doubt.

Eskinol Dermaclear C mixed with Dallacin C - I cannot got out of the house and sleep without cleansing my face with this one. I use this everyday morning and evening. It makes my face super cleans and makeup free. Weird fact about me using this -- unlike other people who use this after washing their face.. I use this before washing my face. This routine worked well for me.

Belo Essentials Face Sunblock - I have no qualms using this everyday. This feels so light on my skin and not greasy at all. I just wish the SPF will be higher like their body sunblock which is I think SPF60.

Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel - I already finished this bottle. I particularly love how refreshing it is on the skin when you apply it and the scents is soo good. Click here for more information.

Mosbeau All in One Facial Cream - It felt like a serum and a moisturizer whenever I use it. It acts as a good makeup base too. Click here for more information. 
Hair Products
This is so new to me. I have never been into hair products except this year.

Pure Beauty Treatment Essence Water - This smells so good and adds a bit of moisture on my hair. I use this everyday after every bath especially when my hair is still damp.

Tony Moly Silky Glaze Fruit Hair Spray - This is a very huge bottle for 179 pesos. This is the only hair spray that my nose is not allergic too. The scent is so nice. It hold my hair throughout the day too.

Lory Hair Cream in Duo Chocolate - The scent is very relaxing and this is my favorite among the other variants. It is also more moisturizing compared with the others. I used this as a everyday conditioner .

That's it ! These are the products that I would most likely buy over and over again. I love that my list still budget friendly. hehe

If you ask me my top five, they are:
  1. Careline Glosses
  2. Sigma F80 Brush
  3. Fanny Serrano 2 way Foundation
  4. Eskinol Dermaclear C
  5. San San Blush in Peach tied with ELF Matte Bronzer
Choosing the top five was the hardest so I had to make it 6! 

What are your best buys  this year?
Share them!!!

Godbless everyone


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  1. i was amazed that you included sansan foundi on your choices.. I'm going to try this! thanks for posting this!!

  2. Hi Don! What's the shade of your FS Two-way cake? Is it Chino bah? hehe
    Thank you.

  3. This just does it... I'm really gonna give the SanSan Matte Foundie a try... Love your choices... Happy Holidays ^_^

  4. Great set of stuff! Love this post! ^_^

  5. I love your bests of 2011!
    Btw, where did you buy your Sigma brush?

    Check out our site too :)
    we can keep in touch via gfc:)

  6. Wow, andami mo namang cheap finds. Nakakainggit! I'm gonna check out around half of what you listed... haha.

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation


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